Color & Highlights

Nails are important too

Hair maintenance can be tricky. Most of us are not professionals, and there’s so much information out there that deciphering which advice to follow can be overwhelming. Should you wash your hair everyday, or ditch shampoo altogether? Do regular trims really make your hair grow faster? And then there’s the most complicated of them all: Am I making hair highlight mistakes?

Highlights seem simple enough. I mean, you just want to go lighter, right? But deciding which shade to go proves a lot more difficult than it looks. Then there’s the type of highlights: do you want to go to the root blonde? Or are you after something more ombre? And then you’ve got the maintenance. Knowing how to care for your colored hair is crucial, but it’s so often overlooked because you think once the color is done, it’s good to go. And that is definitely not the case.